Big on Tradition, big on flavour

At the Orkney Food Company we take real pride in the quality of our products, our commitment is to ensure that we provide the very best products in the best possible condition

Cured Herring in Sherry Marinade

Truly mouth-watering sweet cured herring combined with a light, sherry marinade, a delicious and fresh sweet taste, distinctive & truly indulgent. Available in both retail and catering pails

Rollmop Herring

Traditionally hand rolled pickled marinaded fillets garnished inside with onions. Available in both retail and catering pails.

Cured Herring in Luxury Marinade

A family favourite, this is a traditional sweet vinegar flavoured with onions, available in both retail and catering pails

Cured Herring in Dill Marinade

A classic flavour combination, this is a subtle, sweet marinade flavoured with dill herb, available in both retail and catering pails


We have a strong relationship with our herring suppliers and expert knowledge of the herring industry from the wild sea to the market place, the different herring stocks are assessed and audited to ensure sustainability

Good food, great health

Taken from the cool, clean waters between Orkney and Scandinavia, Herring provides us with both a delicious and nutritious food source.

Taken from cool, clean waters

Herring and Salmon are both oil rich fish with high Omega-3 acid

which has been shown to help maintain a healthy heart

Herring and Salmon are also high in protein and essential vitamins and minerals

With no artificial colouring or flavourings, no skin or bones, Orkney sweet cured herring is perfect for all the family.


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All of the products are ready to eat and come in a delicious variety of sauces and marinades…