Orkney Food Company prides itself on producing the very best quality Sweet Cured Herring with a deliciously unique texture and taste. This is due largely in part to the raw materials we use.

We have strong relationships with our herring suppliers and excellent knowledge of the herring industry from the sea to the market place.

All of our herring is caught between the months of November and January and is sourced from the North Sea/ Skagerrak/ North Atlantic Fisheries.

This ensures that the fish has the optimum fat content so that, when cured to our family recipe, it gives our herring the delicious and tender texture we are renowned for.

The herring is caught by the most modern fishing vessels, which specialise in pelagic fish, from Scotland, Denmark, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

The small herring, which is used for the retail pots (280g & 500g), is sourced either in the North Sea or the Skagerrak.

The larger herring, which is used for the foodservice tubs (1.2kg, 2.5kg), is sourced between The Faroe Islands and Norway.

The different herring stocks have been assessed and audited to ensure sustainability.